What I’m Doing Now

Everything you’ve wanted to know about Sarah and what’s happening right now!
Quick link:  sarahwithee.com/now

(This list current as of September 10, 2018.)


  • I am a software engineer at Arcadia on their data pipeline team
  • Recently relocated to Pittsburgh, PA
  • I am the Director of Programming for the Abstractions 2 conference
  • I am a volunteer and duty officer for The Strange Loop conference
  • Working on The Rest of Us in Tech, a project to amplify the stories and voices of the underrepresented groups in tech. Currently it’s a podcast but will be expanding to other phases soon
  • Starting work on Code Thesaurus, a polyglot developer reference tool

Near Future

  • I am speaking at Code Daze Vol. 2 in Buffalo, NY on Sept 14-15. I’ll be giving my “A Primer on Functional Programming” talk.
  • I will be volunteering and duty officer for The Strange Loop conference in St. Louis on Sept 26-28.
  • I am speaking at DevUp conference on October 9-10 in St. Louis. I’ll be giving both my “Maintaining Your Emotional and Mental Health While Job Hunting” and “A Primer on Functional Programming” talks.


I am currently looking for more conferences to speak at for my list of growing topics, both technical and non-technical. Click here to see my talks.

I am looking for more guests for The Rest of Us in Tech podcast, which has the goal of amplifying voices, stories, and projects from underrepresented people in tech. Contact me or tweet me if you have something to share or know of people with good stories/projects.

I am looking for more interested women in tech, junior developers, or other underrepresented people in tech to work on an open source project I’m starting. Contact me or tweet me if interested.

I am looking for more teaching or mentoring opportunities in Pittsburgh, PA. Contact me or tweet me and we can talk about it.

I wrote the Medium post “Life, Gender, and the Pursuit of Happiness” in September 2015 and has over 10,000 views. I also gave the talk “The Power of Secrets” in 2016 and 2017 talking about the incredibly unexpected results that happened from that post. I continue to get amazing and wonderful feedback from both. The blog post has reposted on four publications including Women 2.0. I will continue to respond to every comment and encourage those who need it. (If you haven’t left a comment or tweet, please do! I’d love to hear from you!)

Thank you to Derek Sivers for the idea of making a /now page.