Talks In Development

These are talks that Sarah is working on, and has not given to the public yet. There are no finished notes or slides yet.

If any of these talks sound like something you would like to hear at your event, meetup, or conference, please feel free to contact her to discuss!

Talks ready for submission

These are talks that Sarah has ironed out abstracts and some or all of the bullet points on. They are being submitted, but may still evolve a little bit before giving them.

  • How to Become a Master Debugger
    Debugging. That pain in the… you know. We all have to do it. But have you ever really thought about good ways to debug your code? Are all of the debugging tools daunting to you? Does it seem like others are better at this than you?

    In this session, we’ll examine different techniques for debugging. We’ll also briefly cover the types of tools you can use while debugging desktop, web, and mobile applications. Finally, we’ll briefly discuss some specifics for popular languages. You’ll be a master debugger in no time!

  • Building Your Team to Last: Successful Onboarding and Mentoring Practices
    Junior developers are often billed as The Answer to the talent shortage in tech and the chronic homogeneity of the tech industry. Hiring a junior developer, however, is the start and not the end of this process.This talk will cover onboarding and mentoring junior developers successfully. We’ll discuss the benefits of bringing junior developers onto an established team. We’ll also show how senior AND junior developers can benefit by working together during the onboarding process. Finally, we’ll talk about some patterns of ineffective mentoring and why they are harmful to the team.

These talks are still ideas that aren’t fully ironed out yet. I plan to write out some bullet points, as well as come up with titles and abstracts in the near future. The titles listed are ideas, and not likely to stick.

If these interest you, let me know and I can make them a priority to finish.

  • “Comparing and Contrasting JavaScript Frameworks” or “My how you’ve grown up, JavaScript”
    When the speaker first learned JavaScript, it was a simple language for doing simple website manipulation. It’s evolved to do some very advanced things. It works with front-ends of websites still, but can now power server-side applications, mobile apps, robots, and more. Learn how it’s involved, what some of the frameworks are now and how they compare to each other, and how to get started on using it in these new ways.
  • Hacking your Household Electronics
    How to use Arudinos, Raspberry Pis, Edisons, and more to do fun things with household electronics.
  • Robotics 101
    Learn about how they’re built, programmed, algorithms, and more fun stuff related to building your own fun, intelligent machines
  • (untitled)
    Something related to Sarah’s blog post Life, Gender and the Pursuit of Happiness.