There are some recent software projects I have worked on. Some of them are available on my GitHub page.

  • The Rest of Us in Tech
    This is a project to amplify the stories and voices of the underrepresented in tech. It will start with a podcast and slowly expand from there.
  • Number Scram
    This is an iPhone game we created at the Hack the Midwest hackathon. It won the Best Mobile App prize. It’s available for download for free from the iTunes Store. It has had over 3,600 downloads since March 2014.
  • Alpha Scram
    This is an Android game we created at the Compute Midwest hackathon. It is still currently being developed, and we hope to have it on the Google Play store soon.
  • Scavenger Scram
    Our team created another game, this time based on the idea of a scavenger hunt. Someone can create a scavenger hunt by creating some clues, and sharing a “short code” with their friends. When their friends enter the code into the app, they can go look for the clues. When they find them, they can take a picture of the clue, and move on. The winner has pictures of all of the clues. The benefit of this game is that rather than not knowing what each team is up to, you can get live updates of all players.
  • Mr. Engineer text voting system
    Mr. Engineer is an event put on by the student organization of the Society of Women Engineers. It’s sort of a beauty pageant for the engineering guys. For part of the voting process, we’ve switched from paper ballots for the audience to a text-based voting system (similar to American Idol or other TV shows). I developed it using Twilio as the text API system.
  • NetLog
    NetLog is an amateur radio (or “ham radio”) net control logging software I started creating back in 2009. Nets are where amateur radio operators gather on the radio for a particular event. I was involved in several large events where people were still using paper and pencil to keep track of all the activities going on during these, and it often puzzled me why no one was using a computer. After looking around online, I found that, while there was software for nets, they were all bloated and slow to use. I was often involved in events that required knowledge of past activities and needed them fast. I started this project in 2006. Although I stopped working on it, I hope to have another functional version soon.